Tails of Mystery

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Tails of Mystery

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A noir tale of an old school private detective that, through a combined effort of bad luck and bad choices, gets stuck in the body of a black cat. But it seems there might be more at work and lurking in the shadows, a nefarious presence awaits.

Tails of Mystery is written & lettered by Asa Wheatley and drawn & coloured by Kat Willott.

"This is an exciting start to a new twist on an old genre. Iā€™m excited to see [Wheatley & Willott] grow and develop as creators, and interested to see where Tails of Mystery goes from here." -- A Place To Hang Your Cape

"Conjures fond memories of Dirk Gently, which is never a bad comparison! An enjoyable read indeed" -- Andy CT (Writer, Horde Comics)

"Asa Wheatley and Kat Willott have crafted a solid first issue that does a great job of setting up this unique premise" -- Pipedream Comics